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International Society for Engineering Pedagogy | NMC - AUSTRIA

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Gabriele Schachinger - General Secretary


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Wolfgang Pachatz - President


An eye on the latest trends and an ear to the ground!

The aims of the International Society for Engineering Pedagogy (IGIP) are

  • improving teaching methods in technical subjects
  • developing practice-oriented curricula that correspond to the needs of students and employers
  • encouraging the use of media in technical teaching
  • integrating languages and the humanities in engineering education
  • fostering management training for engineers
  • promoting environmental awareness
  • supporting the development of engineering education in developing countries


New competencies of educators are needed as

  • evaluation management
  • development competencies
  • communication skills
  • teamwork
  • ethics and intercultural competencies

IGIP wants to intensify the international cooperation with other societies dedicated to engineering education, such as IEEE Education Society, ASEE, the American Society of Engineering Education, SEFI, the European Society for Engineering Education, or IFEES, the International Federation of Engineering Societies.

By passing the prototype curriculum as proposed by IGIP in any accredited institution worldwide, IGIP states that a given engineering educator with an ING.PAED.IGIP title has all the competencies needed to teach at the state of the art with the best available teaching technologies.

IGIP offers also international and regional conferences, symposia, summer schools.

IGIP has established working groups on different topics of engineering education.