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IGIP intensifies the international cooperation with other societies dedicated to engineering education, such as IEEE Education Society, ASEE, the American Society of Engineering Education, SEFI, the European Society for Engineering Education, or IFEES, the International Federation of Engineering Societies. By passing the prototype curriculum as proposed by IGIP in any accredited institution worldwide, IGIP states that a given engineering educator with an “ING-PAED IGIP” title has all the competencies needed to teach at the state of the art with the best available teaching technologies.
For the transfer of knowledge international conferences, symposia,…are offered. International working groups promote mutual exchange.



  • Entrepreneurship Education in Engineering Certificate (includes institutional membership)
  • English Engineering Certificate (includes membership for one year)
  • supplementary and refresher courses in all fields of engineering education
  • international research results and experiences
  • contacts with colleagues worldwide
  • an international forum for presenting projects and other research
  • reduced price for the annual publication of conference proceedings
  • complementary copies of IGIP REPORT which keeps you up to date
  • contacts with UNESCO and UNIDO thanks to IGIP’s “consultative status”



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